2020 FUN Seminars

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Analysis of the Barber Dime Series
  • Mr. Frost, the President of the Barber Coin Collectors Society, is a recognized expert on Barber coinage. Today, he will focus on the things that collectors need to know to get maximum enjoyment out of their Barber dime experience. His segment on the famous 1894-S Barber dime is NOT to be missed!
  • Behind the Scenes of the Paper Money Auction Process
  • Mr. Johnston, the Vice-President and Managing Director of the Currency Division at Heritage Auctions, will discuss the nuts and bolts of conducting a major Paper Money auction. He takes you through consignments to financial settlement.
  • Boom or Bust? My top 10 Predictions
  • Every year former NUMISMATIC NEWS editor David Harper gives his predictions for the coming year in numismatics. Will gold go way up? Will silver collapse? Which coin series will do the best? Dave Harper has the answers in this highly entertaining and sometimes surprising program.
  • Current Status of the U.S Small Size Paper Money Market 2020
  • Mr. Calderman, is a specialist and dealer in U.S. small size type notes. He discusses the current trends in small size notes and the future of this paper money specialty. He talks about the demise of one grading service and the rise of another and how that has affected the market.
  • Detecting Modern Chinese Counterfeits of U.S. Coins
  • Mr. Walker, a serious collector for over 15 years, has made a special project out of the study of Chinese counterfeits. Today he will discuss the means and methods he has used to detect these dangerous fakes. And he'll provide key diagnostics collectors can use to detect them!
  • FUN Coin Convention Highlights 2020
  • Interview with Bob Hurst, President of FUN open the show and David Lisot walks the floor of FUN 2020 and sees coin grading, silver dollars, $1000 & $5,000 bills, kids, gold panning, Ben Franklin and Abraham Lincoln and so much more.
  • Gold as an Insurance Policy
  • Scott Travers, NLG, and Maurice Rosen, NLG. These speakers are highly respected numismatic consumer advocates and prolific numismatic authors who have thrilled FUN audiences for over two decades. They'll discuss the role that gold should play in your numismatic portfolio in these highly turbulent times. Expect standing room only for this "must see" presentation.
  • How Rare is the Liberty Seated Dollar Series?
  • Dick Osburn and Brian Cushing. The speakers co-authored the landmark LIBERTY SEATED DOLLARS, A REGISTRY OF DIE VARIETIES which first appeared at the 2018 FUN Convention in Tampa. Today, the speakers will examine the estimated number of survivors highlighted by the EXTREMELY LOW SURVIVAL RATES of most dates in the series. You'll be SHOCKED at the results of their research! Tips on the best ways to collect Seated dollars will be included in the program.
  • How to Buy Amazing Banknotes Without Breaking the Bank
  • Mr. Calderman is a specialist and dealer in U.S. small size type notes. He shares how to find the notes that others may not notice or care that are worth more than you might think!.
  • Legacies of James B. Longacre
  • Mr. Ray Herz of Jacksonville, will present an overview of perhaps America's greatest chief sculptor-engraver, the one and only James B. Longacre. Longacre is famous for creating more denominations than any other man who held this position. But that is only a small part of his legacy. Mr. Herz has the complete story in this comprehensive analysis of this numismatic legend.
  • Managing and Settling a Numismatic Estate
  • Mr. Gillis, the current director of education for the American Numismatic Association, has some very important insights into the best ways to manage and settle anyone's coin collection. All collectors need to make these preparations. Mr. Gillis will tell the audience the proper way to do it. Time permitting, the speaker will take questions from the audience
  • 2020 Edition of an Introduction to Variey Collecting
  • Audiences at the four prior January FUN conventions were thrilled by Dr. Close's programs on variety collecting. This time, he'll release his new, greatly updated program, with plenty of information never seen before at the 2020 January FUN convention. If YOU collect varieties, THIS is the program for YOU!
  • Overview of the U.S Gold $20 Liberty Coin Market
  • Veteran collector and dealer Robert McDonald's program on undervalued $10 Liberty gold coins was a big hit at last January's FUN Convention. This time, Mr. McDonald will provide a broader view with a skillful examination of specific dates in several different series of U.S. gold coins which he believes may be undervalued. If you love U.S. gold coins, THIS is the program for YOU!
  • Society of Silver Dollar Annual VAM Thing 2020
  • For well over a decade this meeting of silver dollar variety collectors has been held at the January FUN Convention. Both veteran collectors and new collectors will be amazed at the volume of information that's available at this program.
  • So You've Got Your Child Interested in Coin Collecting. What's Next?
  • Last January, Ms. Zechman gave a ground-breaking program designed to get young people into numismatics. Now she has a group of suggestions that she believes WILL KEEP YOUNG PEOPLE active in the hobby we all love! All collectors, young and not-so-young, are invited to attend this incredibly important program.
  • Stone Mountain Half Dollar, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Daughters of the Confederacy
  • The creation of the commerative half dollar struck in 1925 for the Stone Mountain Memorial was used as an item to promote white supremacy and the KKK. Find out about this fascinating tale of America history as told by historian and numismatist John Kraljevich.
  • Top 20 Silver Dollars You Must Buy in 2020
  • For the 42nd consecutive year, Randy Campbell will present his views on the dollars you should be looking to buy in the coming numismatic year. Mr. Campbell, the senior grader for ICG grading service in Tampa, is a 3-time former president of FUN and a former president of the National Silver Dollar Roundtable. His Top 20 picks for 2020 will include a few surprises!
  • Top Dozen VAM Silver Dollars for 2020
  • Mr. Roberts is the director of attributions for ANACS grading service. He also writes a monthly column on VAMS for COIN WORLD. What are his 12 favorite VAMS for the coming year? Find out from one of the very best in the business, JOHN ROBERTS! His insights are priceless!
  • What's Happening in the Error Coin Market 2020
  • Mr. Weinberg, a consultant to most of the leading authentication services, is considered America's top expert on error coinage. If you enjoy errors, this is the program for YOU! Don't miss his comments on counterfeit error coins!

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